Tuesday July 31, AM Sessions

S38: Calibrated Peer Review(TM): Implementation and Assessment

Organizer: Arlene Russell (UCLA, USA)

Presider: Arlene Russell (UCLA, USA)

Faculty across the STEM disciplines continue to develop new and innovative ways to use the Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) program in their classes. The latest software release (CPR Version5) allows students to upload files and facilitates class peer review of a broad range of student communications including posters, graphics, and presentations as well as traditional written work.  This symposium will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of CPR practices in large and small classes; from high school through undergraduate to graduate classes; and over a wide range of types of student work. All are invited to share their CPR experiences.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am

P368: Introducing Stanford freshman to science writing through Calibrated Peer Review

Jennifer Schwartz 9:35am – 9:55am – Live Sciences 011

P369: Teaching quantitative graphing skills in an Excel-based world

Breeyawn Lybbert 9:55am – 10:15am – Life Sciences 011

P370: Calibrated Peer Review: A new user’s perspective

John W. Moore 10:15am – 10:35am – Life Sciences 011

P371: Promoting writing in the upper division curriculum at Stanford University using Calibrated Peer Review

Charlie Cox 10:35am – 10:55am – Life Sciences 011

Break 10:55am-11:10am

P372: Learning-to-write while writing-to-learn: New research with CPR

Arlene Russell 11:10am – 11:30am – Life Sciences 011

Panel Discussion 11:30am-11:50am

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