Wednesday August 1, AM Sessions

S41c: Engaging Students in Organic Chemistry: Lecture Activities

Organizer: Barbara Murray (University of Redlands, USA)

Presider: Barbara Murray (University of Redlands, USA)

This symposium includes presentations of a variety of methods for engaging students in organic chemistry. These could range from individual creative activities to year long-methods of teaching using new pedagogies and anything in between.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am

P659: Incorporating the primary literature into undergraduate organic chemistry

David Peitz 9:35am – 9:55am – Wartik 110

P660: Using a molecule-of-the-day in organic lectures

Anton Jensen 9:55am – 10:15am – Wartik 110

P661: Who gives a darn? A POGIL modification that improves student perceived relevance of organic chemistry

Ehren Bucholtz 10:15am – 10:35am – Wartik 110

P662: Student generated visualization of reaction mechanisms for organic pedagogy

Carl Aronson 10:35am – 10:55am – Wartik 110

Break 10:55am-11:10am

P663: Adding biochemistry to organic courses

Steven Fleming 11:10am – 11:30am – Wartik 110

P664: Molecular visualization for the masses: Virtual model kits to virtual playgrounds

Robert M Hanson 11:30am – 11:50am – Wartik 110

P665: PBworks: Wiki tool for collaborative writing

Sushama Dandekar 11:50am – 12:10pm – Wartik 110

P666: Molecule profiles: An interactive learning tool

Sushama Dandekar 12:10pm – 12:30pm – Wartik 110

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