Tuesday July 31, PM Sessions

S44b: Food Chemistry: Using Food in Chemistry

Organizer: Keith Symcox (University of Tulsa, USA

Presider: Keith Symcox (University of Tulsa, USA)

This symposium will focus on innovative uses of food and food chemistry to spur student interest and the ability to think about problems in a cross-disciplinary fashion. Ideas concerning topics of interest to both majors and non-majors are encouraged.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm

P516: Beer chemistry

Roger Barth 2:05pm – 2:25pm – Wartik 111

P517: Chemistry of cuisine: Exploring food chemistry by cooking meals with honors students

Sunil Malapati 2:25pm – 2:45pm – Wartik 111

P518: Metals ions in nutrition

Manisha Nigam 2:45pm – 3:05pm – Wartik 111

P519: Unwrapping the mysteries and controversies of food

Marta Gmurczyk 3:05pm – 3:25pm – Wartik 111

Break 3:25pm-3:40pm

P520: Quantitative use of red cabbage to measure pH through spectrophotometry: A laboratory experience for general chemistry students

Mark Cannon 3:40pm – 4:00pm – Wartik 111

P521: Better eating through chemistry: Using chemistry to explore and improve local cuisine

Kimberlee Daus 4:00pm – 4:20pm – Wartik 111

Panel Discussion 4:20pm-4:40pm

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