Tuesday July 31, AM Sessions

S46: Holistic rethinking of the chemistry curriculum: A discussion

Organizer: David Gardner (Lander University, USA)

Presider: David Gardner (Lander University, USA)

Over the years, the chemical education community has done considerable work towards improving various aspects of teaching and learning chemistry. However, much of that work has been rather narrowly focused on specific content or disciplines within chemistry. What has received much less attention is the broader chemistry curriculum as a whole. Modern science is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, yet the traditional chemistry curriculum has remained largely unchanged (and unexamined) for many decades. The purpose of this symposium is to gather together people and ideas regarding broad re-examination of the entire chemistry curriculum.  Does the traditional curriculum create unnecessary difficulties for students? Does the structure of the curriculum itself cause students to leave chemistry programs? What key skills must undergraduates develop and how does the curriculum impact the development of those skills? Should we rethink individual fields (ex: organic, physical, etc.) and how would doing so impact the overall curriculum? If you were able to completely change anything about how chemistry is currently taught, would you do anything differently, and if so, what?

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am

P420: Critical thinking in the chemistry curriculum

David Gardner 9:35am – 9:55am – Boucke 109

P421: Attempting radical change in the chemistry curriculum

Henry Jakubowski 9:55am – 10:15am – Boucke 109

P422: Creating a marble platform for our Grecian palace: Evolving an evidence-based curriculum beginning with introductory chemistry

Judith Amburgey-Peters 10:15am – 10:35am – Boucke 109

Panel Discussion 10:35am-10:55am

Break 10:55am-11:10am

P423: Rethinking the physical chemistry sequence to emphasize connections between topics

Craig Teague 11:10am – 11:30am – Boucke 109

P424: Remaking of a physical chemistry laboratory course

Steve Kroner 11:30am – 11:50am – Boucke 109

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