Wednesday August 1, PM Sessions

S58b: Biochemistry Education Research and Practice

Organizers: Jennifer Loertscher (Seattle University, USA), Vicky Minderhout (Seattle University, USA)

Presider: Jennifer Loertscher (Seattle University, USA)

This symposium will focus on teaching practice and education research related to biochemistry and molecular biology. As scientists in the molecular life sciences we use evidence and data to inform our worldview. Similarly, formal or informal data can be used to inform and improve our teaching practice. We invite those teaching classroom or laboratory courses in the molecular life sciences to join this conversation about teaching innovations and education research in biochemistry. Although formal research methods are not required, we encourage all symposium speakers to include some form of assessment in their presentation. Examples include results from surveys, exam questions, student interviews, or formal assessment instruments.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm

P757: Reading more than the textbook makes biochemistry more interesting

Christina Miller 2:05pm-2:25pm — Wartik 108

P758: Assessing the development of critical thinking skills using group presentations in biochemistry

Scott Tremain 2:25pm-2:45pm — Wartik 108

P759: Teaching writing in a biochemistry and molecular biology major

Stephanie Dew 2:45pm-3:05pm — Wartik 108

P760: Student-centered approach in biochemistry laboratory

Tracey Murray 3:05pm-3:25pm — Wartik 108

Break 3:25pm-3:40pm

P761: Molecular origami for biochemistry: The Rossmann fold

Charles Abrams 3:40pm-4:00pm — Wartik 108

P762: Lab exercise in DNA oxidation and protection by antioxidants

Laura Frost 4:00pm-4:20pm — Wartik 108

Panel Discussion 4:20pm-4:40pm

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