Wednesday August 1, AM Sessions

S68a: The Prep for General Chemistry Course: Textbooks and Teaching Strategies

Organizers: Deborah Mead (Seminole State College of Florida, USA), Jeanne Robinson (retired, Seminole State College of Florida, USA)

Presider: Jeanne Robinson (retired, Seminole State College of Florida, USA)

The organizers of this symposium look to examine the many different educational philosophies and teaching strategies that create a successful learning environment for the prep for general chemistry course. Textbook authors and course instructors are invited to share their insights and innovations.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am

P733: Preparatory course for both general chemistry and allied health students

Karen Timberlake 9:35am – 9:55am – Wartik 105

P734: Atoms first or chemistry first?

Mark Bishop 9:55am – 10:15am – Wartik 105

P735: Key issues in designing a preparatory chemistry course: Theory and practice

Mark Cracolice 10:15am – 10:35am – Wartik 105

P736: Invitation to Chemistry : Developed for a diverse prep course

Deborah Mead 10:35am – 10:55am – Wartik 105

Break 10:55am-11:10am

P737: Do the math! Improved student success in first-year chemistry via homework that teaches the math of chemistry

Eric Nelson 11:10am – 11:30am – Wartik 105

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