Sunday July 29, PM Sessions

S7: Innovations and Renovations: Designing the Teaching Laboratory

Organizer: Lynne O’Connell (Boston College, USA)

Presider: Lynne O’Connell (Boston College, USA)

This symposium will focus on the physical design of teaching laboratory spaces. Whether a school is constructing a new science building or renovating an old one, many factors must be taken into consideration to create the optimum learning environment for students in a chemistry lab setting. Speakers are encouraged to discuss innovative facility and equipment designs, issues related to the use of space, roadblocks encountered and overcome during the building phase, and any other information that would be helpful to those who endeavor to design a teaching laboratory.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm

P39: From concept to construction: The new science pavilion at Saint Vincent College

Steven Gravelle 2:05pm – 2:25pm – Mueller 008

P40: Designing new science laboratories at Mount Saint Mary College: Reflections of a faculty shepherd

Lynn Maelia 2:25pm – 2:45pm – Mueller 008

P41: Converging facilities, design and instruction

Meredith Wesolowski 2:45pm – 3:05pm – Mueller 008

P42: Flexible and adaptable lab rooms for General Chemistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mark Griep 3:05pm – 3:25pm – Mueller 008

Break 3:25pm-3:40pm

P43: Designing undergraduate laboratory space for cooperative learning

Joseph Dinnocenzo, Charles Gantt 3:40pm – 4:00pm – Mueller 008

P44: How a new lab design changes group dynamics

Amy Lindsay 4:00pm – 4:20pm – Mueller 008

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